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DJI Wireless Focus


The wireless Follow Focus System from DJI allows users to fine-tune the focus of a Micro Four Thirds lens on an Inspire 1 quadcopter that's carrying the Zenmuse X5 or X5R camera. The motor can also be mounted to video rigs equipped with 15mm or 19mm rods, such as the Ronin or Ronin-M.

The brushless motor puts just ±0.02° of accuracy in your hands so that turning the remote is just like turning the lens itself. The remote control (transmitter) allows you to adjust focus and aperture via its focusing wheel and transmits at distances of up to 100m with just 14ms of lag in open space. It also comes equipped with four custom function buttons and an OLED display.


One kit available.

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Seamless Wireless Control Integration
Unlike traditional follow focus systems, the DJI Follow’s motor assembly is a self-contained system that combines a brushless motor and a receiver. Not only does this make it more compact and easier to install, it requires only a single power source, giving you more attachment options than ever.
Fast Wireless Transmission
On the ground, the remote control transmits at distances of up to 100m with just 14ms of lag. Attached to an Inspire carrying either the Zenmuse X5 or Zenmuse X5R, it connects directly to the aircraft remote, giving you seamless camera control across your entire flight range.
Adjustable Endpoints
While cinema lenses feature built-in hard stops, photography lenses do not. On the DJI Focus you can tune the lens to match the end-points of any lens you want to use. Because it uses a Brushless motor, the onboard computer knows exactly which position the motor is in, letting you set up in seconds simply by turning the lens to infinite and marking it, then repeating at the other end.
Programmable and Customizable
An OLED display menu on the remote lets you fine tune how the DJI Follow works for you. You can even set multiple focus points, and the speed the camera racks between them making complex moves simple and repeatable.
X5 Series Compatible
Full compatibility with the DJI X5 camera series is built in, giving you absolute control of your camera focus when in the air.
Ronin and Ronin-M Support
When used with a Ronin or Ronin-M you can pull focus from all around the set wirelessly, adding new depth to your Ronin footage.
Dual Communication Ports
Two ports have been built in, so that as technology develops and improves you can expand your DJI Focus with even more features and capabilities.
Rechargeable battery
The included long-lasting single cell battery can power the DJI Focus throughout a shoot, but if you run out in can be swapped in seconds. You can charge it in the studio or even on the move from a power pack through its USB recharging port.
  •  Operating Frequency: 2.415-2.473 GHz
  •  Max. Transmission Distance: 100 m (out and unobstructed)
  •  Transmitter Power: 14 dBm
  •  Operating Temperature Range: -20° to 55?
  •  Weight: 170 g
  •  Dimensions: 90*50*26 mm
  •  Max. Torque: 0.35 Nm
  •  Max. Speed: 192 rpm
  •  Working Current: Static current: 80 mA (@12 V) / Stall current: 2 A (@12 V)
  •  Working Voltage: 9-16 V
  •  Noise: <25 db (@96 rpm)>
  •  Rob Clamp Inner Diameter: 19 mm or 15 mm
  •  Gear: Teeth: 40, Module: 0.8
  •  Remote Controller
  •  Weight: 745 g
  •  Dimensions: 153*86*90 mm
  •  Battery: Model: FB01-554461 / Type: LiPo / Capacity: 1700 mAh,6.29 Wh / Voltage: 3.7 V
  •  Lens Gear Ring
  •  Teeth: 105
  •  Module: 0.8
  •  Diameter: 60 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm
  •  Contents:
  •  Handheld remote follow focus
  •  Focus motor
  •  Neck strap
  •  Additional focus marking rings: 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm lens gear rings
  •  Cables: micro USB, data, long motor-power, short motor-power
  •  Padded, waterproof case




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